Makeup Tips for Accentuating Your Eyes

Makeup Tips for Accentuating Your Eyes

Makeup Tips for Accentuating Your Eyes

Based in New York City, Julissa Guzman has worked for the last 14 years building a successful career as an independent makeup artist. In this capacity, Julissa Guzman enjoys helping women learn about using makeup with a number of helpful tips.

Though eyes are typically the most prominent feature on the face, there are a number of makeup tips that you can follow to accentuate them even more. One of the most important techniques you can use to widen your eyes in appearance is to apply eyeliner to the top lid. In addition to lining the outer portions of the lid, you should also make sure to put liner in your upper water line. For an even more dramatic effect, you can opt for white eyeliner. Placing this on your lower water line will make your eyes seem even bigger and help you look more alert.

You can also emphasize your eyes by making careful use of eyeshadow. It is important to use several different colors if you want to bring new dimensions to your eyes. You can also accomplish this effect by using a mix of light and dark shades of eyeshadow. Applying light shadow to your lids and shimmery powder on the inside corners will open your eyes even more.